I’m sure platonic nudes are a thing, no?

Hell yeah, in fact it needs to be more of a thing.

Where’s that post talmbout blowing someone’s back out as a friend, and eating ‘em out as the homie, I truly identify with that post.

I love them. “Here’s my titties because you cool and friendly.”


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Shura - Touch (music video 2014) (YouTube) (part 1)

That first girl on girl kiss was awkward
This song is amazing

Def awkward. And never heard it. I’ll listen soon

If someone kissed me like that, I would walk away

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In case anyone was confused, this is my king. 

I get so many asks daily trash-talking me on the whole “I thought you only dated white boys” front. First of all, none of the guys I’ve ever dated are boys, they’re men. Secondly, I’ve never, ever made the decision of who I date based off a skin tone. I’ve been lucky in this lifetime to get to experience love of all colors, shapes, sizes, and genders. (Yes, I date women too.)

The thing about Jason that made him stand out (besides that gorgeous smile) is that he told me what I was before I was aware. We met on a bus, and I gave him my phone number. NEITHER of us knew where that would put us. But the next day after spending a night just texting he said it, he said “Good morning my queen.” I’d never heard those words in my life but I just knew from that single text that he was different. 

People praise us daily on how happy we look but it isn’t about that. We have our closed door disgruntles and we call each other names (Only during video games) but I know that no matter where life leads me, no matter if we stay together, get married or break up tomorrow, he did something.

He didn’t make me a queen. He found my crown, dusted it off and placed it back on my head. He reminded me of the loyalty I’d lost track of when I was swimming in lost standards, broken hearts and forgotten ambition. He renewed that.

Do you really think I’d trade the man who straightens my hair, cuddles me every night, sings with me, sits up late at night Skyping despite the fact that we live four blocks away from each other, and accepts the fact that I belong solely to myself for the ever-changing respect of people who have no idea what it’s like to spend a second in my shoes?

No offense, but I don’t care how “disappointed” or “ashamed” you are that I “crossed over” and chose to spend my time with someone who gives me everything I didn’t know I deserved. 

tldr; I’m happy and this is my king. don’t like it, no one asked you to look. It’s almost been a year, get over it. No matter what happens to us, where we are in life, we will always have a part of each other.

So cute
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Time for a camping trip.


Time for a camping trip.

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Think like a man too premiere

Black women are so magical.


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I want this for reasons…


I want this for reasons…

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